Are you planning to call in the Kent Joinery Services ? If you are and you already did then the next thing that you should do is learn how to check the quality of your joinery. Remember you can’t just accept whatever it is they gave you because there might be something they missed and you notice it. That is why so that you would know how to check a joinery there are six ways that you have to remember and this can apply to all joinery in your home f ro m stairs to door frames.

Check for any gap

  1. When you are about to check a joinery like

a door frame or window frame you have to make sure that there aren’t any gaps when they place it in your house. Remember that gaps can lead to a bigger problem in the future that is why you have to check that everything is sealed tight.

See if it’s durable

  1. Because joinery would also mean doors and staircase you have to check if it’s durable by going up and down the stairs or closing and opening the door. This way you would know if there is something wrong or if it’s in good quality for you to use. After

all , you wouldn’t want any problem arising from your door and stairs right? That is why make sure that it is durable.


Listen for any sounds

  1. This can also be useful for you when you are about to check the quality of your joinery because a sound would mean that something

isn ‘t tightening or something wasn’t done right. That is why when you have your joinery you have to listen if there are any sound because joineries shouldn’t make any sounds.

Compare it with other joinery

  1. When you start comparing one work from the other

, you will notice a lot of difference and when you do then you will realize that the one that you have might not be of good quality or it’s the other way around. This would also guide you for future investments when it comes to having new joinery.

Notice the wood being used

  1. Since

the majority of the joinery are made of wood you have to know your wood so that you would know if they used the high quality kind or not. You are after all paying a service to make your joinery so it would be best that the materials used will be high quality as well since they tend to last you a long time.

Check if everything is tighten

  1. Checking is everything

is tighten ed is very important because if there are any loose screws then it can be a problem for you. A loose screw would mean that the item isn’t durable and can be a problem for you. That is why you have to check if everything is tighten ed .

Applying these ways you would definitely help you when you are about to have new joinery or if you need your current joinery to be fixed. Remember you can’t ignore these kinds of things because if you do then it will be a problem for you in the future. That is why , as much as possible , you have to apply these ways so that you would have less to stress about and less to spend because you are spending a lot of money when you do this kind of things. You can even tell your friends and family so that they too wouldn’t have any problem with their joinery.